July 1st the Chisago County Board will discuss/vote on building a new jail.     A NEW JAIL DEBT/TAX.

NO public hearing is planned... Come speak at the public podium at 7pm the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at the Government Ctr. 313 N. Main Street, Center City.

Are we taxed enough?  You decide.


1 full-time employee     Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.     $11.00 per hour

Chisago County Parks Seasonal positions are responsible for the grounds keeping in the Chisago County Parks.  Experience in grounds maintenance and related skills are necessary. You must be 18 years of age or older to apply due to the motorized equipment.  Cutting grass, brush, repair of buildings and various other maintenance tasks will be assigned.   Must be able to lift up to 50#.  Must have valid driver’s license and clean driving record.

** Special requirements – you must be available to work through Labor Day.**

Apply on line at www.chisagocounty.us.


FYI - Any resident of the State of MN can apply for a year-long burning permit through the Dept. of Natural Resources website for a small fee and then you just activate it each time before you burn.  https://webapps8.dnr.state.mn.us/burning_permits/permit/index

Check out a new website developed by Lent Township residents:  http://www.citizensforlent.com/

County Jobs:   Sign up to receive notification of new job postings by going to our Chisago County main INTERNET page.  mail or mobile phone or both.  You will then automatically receive updates when jobs are posted.

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A proven leader for Chisago County, Lora Walker is committed to providing responsible leadership, guiding Chisago County into the future with vision, while respecting it's heritage.

We should seek to develop; not just grow in size. A delicate balance of affordable homes, provision of services to residents, reliable roads and accessible bridges, increased local employment, schools and retail, are all key to a successful, vibrant community. A community our children can look forward to living in 25 years from now. Working for the common good, as your Commissioner, I will continue to advocate for a community that is balanced and sustainable. 

We don't often talk about our County's financial position. I feel we must meet citizen's needs without taxing them out of their homes.  I understand the impact of taxes on families and businesses and the importance of government spending within its means, and have worked hard toward that goal.  

My work led the way with NO county levy increases 6-years in a row and tax levy DECREASES the past 2-years!  My service on the County Budget Committee produced strong fiscal management resulting in our county bond rating being upgraded twice in recent years, saving many thousands of dollars in bond interest payments.

I have supported fiscal policies that cut waste, prioritized needs, and fulfilled State and Federal mandates.  We deserve action-oriented, independent leadership; I believe I offer that leadership.                                        

"Keep the Unity in our Community"


Representing Chisago County District 1

North Branch C, Chisago City, Lent Township, and North Chisago Lakes Township

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