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Congratulations Center City!
Chisago County requested and was awarded $ 1.25 million in federal safety transportation funds to improve the intersection at Pleasant Valley Rd. & Hwy. 8 in Center City, MN.
Funding will be advanced to the County in 2020/21.  Engineering, planning and construction may begin sooner.
County Commissioner Lora Walker (representing Center City) thanks project advocates including: Hwy. 8 Task Force members, Hazelden Betty Ford, Center City Council, Franconia Twsp., Chisago County Engineer Joe Triplett, the Lakes Cities, and the County Board of Commissioners.

Great News!
Chisago County has received a $1.1 million dollar State grant to repave and rehabilitate the Sunrise Prairie Trail. Construction occurring from Wyoming to North Branch should be completed in Aug. 2017. Your patience is appreciated while we work to improve the surface for everyone to enjoy.

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A proven leader for Chisago County, Lora Walker is committed to providing responsible leadership, guiding Chisago County into the future with vision, while respecting it's heritage.

We should seek to develop; not just grow in size. A delicate balance of affordable homes, provision of services to residents, reliable roads and accessible bridges, increased local employment, schools and retail, are all key to a successful, vibrant community. A community our children can look forward to living in 25 years from now. Working for the common good, as your Commissioner, I will continue to advocate for a community that is balanced and sustainable. 

We don't often talk about our County's financial position. I feel we must meet citizen's needs without taxing them out of their homes.  I understand the impact of taxes on families and businesses and the importance of government spending within its means, and have worked hard toward that goal.  

My work led the way with NO county levy increases 6-years in a row and tax levy DECREASES the past 2-years!  My service on the County Budget Committee produced strong fiscal management resulting in our county bond rating being upgraded twice in recent years, saving many thousands of dollars in bond interest payments.

I have supported fiscal policies that cut waste, prioritized needs, and fulfilled State and Federal mandates.  We deserve action-oriented, independent leadership; I believe I offer that leadership.   

Information contained on this website is provided in real time as events occur, to increase transparency to local government actions, and so taxpayers in our community can easily follow current events.  All informative posts are dated and can alter as time progresses and more relevant information becomes available.                                    

"Keep the Unity in our Community"


Representing Chisago County District 1

North Branch C, Chisago City, Lent Township, and North Chisago Lakes Township

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